The GenKi Concept


is about possibilities. It's about striving to be your best self and connecting with people in meaningful ways. We believe this "GenKi Concept" can change the world because when you are GenKi you are positively contributing to the global community. It sounds really big (and it is!), but it's possible because it starts with each us.

So what is GenKi?

GenKi, meaning "to be healthy, energetic, vibrant and full of life", is the state when you're in the natural flow of energy. It means that you are able to be the best person you can be for yourself and others. Japanese use the word "GenKi" in daily conversation, most often without recognizing the true meaning of the word. "GenKi" literally means "when energy is flowing at its natural state, you are in good health and full of life"!

The "GenKi Concept" was born out of our connection with Japan and the hope for a healthier global community. At the core, GenKi is inherent within all of us. GenKi is our natural state of being and one that we experience throughout our lives.

Living in large urban cities where we spend many hours at work in front of a computer, on our phones or commuting in cars, has removed us from our connection with nature and our natural GenKi state of being. But, the GenKi Concept teaches us that we can realign with our natural flow of energy and be GenKi at any moment in our lives where ever we are in the world.

Our hope for Be GenKi International is to provide practical and life-long learning programs to support people to be GenKi. You can be GenKi at any age, in any profession and anywhere in the world which is why we believe "GenKi" will become part of the international language and will help to shape the future health of our global community. The "GenKi Concept" is simple but you have to grab on to it when it comes your way!







私達 Be GenKi International は、人々が一生を通じて、実生活に役立つ元氣道を学ぶ機会を提供します。幾つになっても、どんな職業についていても、どこに暮らしていても、人間としてみんな「元氣」になる可能性を持っています。それは、元氣が世界語になり地球レベルで世界を変えていく可能性があるという事と繋がっています。「元氣コンセプト」は、基本的にシンプルなものです。理解しやすいものです。誰でも手をのばせば、届くところにあるものです。でも、それをしっかりと掴み取るのは、あなた次第です!


Def (noun): healthy, energetic, vibrant
Pronunciation = gen (think of the word, “again”) -key
Japanese Characters: 元, meaning “to return to” and 氣, meaning “energy, life force”

GenKi People Project

  • The GenKi People Project was created as an opportunity to share the challenges and rewards of living a GenKi life. Hear from GenKi people who are living inspiring lives and making a difference in the lives of many.
  • 元氣人(げんきびと)プロジェクトは、世界中の元氣な人々達と、「取材ではなく」「出会い」大切にして繋がる仕事です。その「出会い」の一つを、初めてビデオに収録する事ができました。