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First GenKi People interview with Bryce Langston. Watch the video here.

GenKi People Project

The GenKi People Project was born from the idea that there are inspiring GenKi people all around us if we connect with them! The project is just getting started, but it’s already taking off! We’re posting our conversations here whether through short videos or photos and captions, we hope you’ll be inspired and rejuvenated by meeting these GenKi people!


GenKi People Project

Healing Touch Japan

ヒーリングタッチ・ジャパンは、ビ・ゲンキ・インターナショナルのミッションと直結した「元氣コンセプト」を推進する為のスペシャル・プロジェクトとして、2010年の夏より、米国ヒーリングタッチ認定プログラムの正規のカリキュラムを、日本国内で日本語で学べる機会を提供しています。 下のボタンをクリックすると、ヒーリングタッチ・ジャパンのホームページ(日本語)をご覧いただけます。

Healing Touch Japan, a special project of Be GenKi International, began as an extension of our work in the U.S. Having taught Healing Touch Program classes at hospitals, nursing schools and community-based locations for many years, we were excited to bring this GenKi Therapy to Japan in the summer of 2010. Offering all Levels of this NCCA accredited education program in Japan, Healing Touch Japan has shared this work with over 500 students in cities stretching from the northern island of Hokkaido to the southern most island of Okinawa. Learn more about Healing Touch Japan via the website below.

Healing Touch Japan

GenKi Connections

Rumi’s Art

Rumi (CEO and co-Founder of Be GenKi) has created a website to share a glimpse into her process of creating and expressing one’s inner landscape through art. We hope you have an opportunity to visit her website,, and experience the art that exists within!

Be GenKi International 代表の橋本は、アーティストとしての活動も続けています。自ら元氣への道のりを探し続け、手探りで歩き続けてきた過程で、氣の流れに支えられて生まれたアートです。アートは橋本にとって、大切な元氣の素です。そして元氣アートが、誰かの元氣の素になってくれる事を願っています。ぜひホームページをご覧下さい。

“Through many of my life experiences, I’ve learned the value of self care in its various forms. In my most difficult times, however, it’s art that has provided a place for me to exist and has become a most cherished partner along this journey of life. Rumi,